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Brain and Book

Right now I have only the one Cloudflare Workers course, but I have a handful more planned. These courses will be provided for FREE on my YouTube channel, JoelCodes, so be sure to subscribe!

Each lesson has a 📺 video as well as an 📰 article written for your medium of preference.

Cloudflare Workers For Beginners

This beginner course on Cloudflare Workers will introduce you to the concept of Cloudflare Workers as well as KV. You will learn about running locally, deploying, creating a web server, making API calls as well as KV (Key-Value) storage. And best of all it's all FREE on YouTube!

  1. Getting Started with Serverless Cloudflare Workers
  2. Cloudflare Workers as a Web Server (with Webpack)
  3. Making API Calls From a Cloudflare Worker
  4. Key-Value Storage With Cloudflare Workers KV