Dungeon Sweep: Knight -- devlog 002

Dungeon Sweep: Knight -- devlog 002

Welcome back to another devlog for Dungeon Sweep: Knight! I'm excited to share the progress I've made on the game so far.

Just in case you didn't read the first devlog, Dungeon Sweep: Knight is a game that will have the mechanics of Minesweeper and combine them with RPG elements.

Fog of War

The fog of war has been created and I think it mostly works! You can click on the fog to reveal either nothing or an enemy. The tile numbers will also display how many enemies are surrounding them. If you are unfamiliar with this type of game mechanic, I'd recommend playing some Minesweeper.

Double-click a tile to attack!


I'm still learning Phaser, but animations are easy enough to create. I have both an idle and run animation for the Knight. As well as a sword animation when he attacks. The zombies are also animated, though you can't see them long since they die so quickly. I'll probably make some adjustments to that.

Code Improvements

I added eslint + prettier to help maintain a sane codebase. It's still such a pain getting eslint and prettier installed and working together. Really wish that process was improved a little.

I had been scaling up each of 16x16 tiles to 32x32 manually. I just found a global camera zoom in Phaser3! That saved me a bunch of code. I'm still learning Phaser, so I'll probably make a lot of these kinds of mistakes along the way.

End Game Screen

Create a basic End Game Screen. Still need to figure out how to make buttons. A lot of graphical improvements are needed here. But it's a start.

What's Next

Need to adjust some gameplay mechanics. Wire up the end game screen and let the player retry the level or move to the next level. I'll need a start screen as well as a screen that shows all the levels and the current level you are on.

I need to add some more fun things. Different enemies, health bars, coins, treasure chests, potions, maybe some boss fights? Oh, ya and audio. Gonna need some game sounds soon too.