Dungeon Sweep: Knight -- devlog 004

Dungeon Sweep: Knight -- devlog 004


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It's starting to feel like a real game!

Ok. It's still in the "prototype" phase. The gameplay basics are there, but it's still not ready for a demo. Maybe next week? If you are looking for a Demo, hit me up on my Twitter!

UI Updates

I am liking the latest UI improvements. I added a hearts and points system to the UI. This helps indicate when a user makes a correct move as well as an incorrect one. The screen shake and buzz sound weren't enough according to the feedback I received.

There is also little floater points +10 or -50 above enemies when you make a move. This change with the instant feedback is a big improvement!


I decided an intermission was needed before each level. Something that let you know your status (what level you are entering) as well as what enemies you would encounter. You can't see it in the screenshots, but those little guys are animated and they look great!

End-Game Report

After playing through a few hundred rounds of this game I was left at the end with no indication of how well I did. The game would simply be over and I would start again. I added an end-game report to show the player how well they did. I'll probably keep some sort of high scores for the player and then compare these scores to previous runs.

State Management

Well, I wasn't going to do it because I thought this game is just too simple to need anything complex, but I'm slowly merging in some state management and I can see immediate improvements.

Because I'm still in the keep-it-simple mindset, I went with what I felt was a simple solution. I'm using on-change to watch a game state object. on-change has a subscribe event that fires and pushes events into an EventEmitter. Now elements like hearts or player score can subscribe to the EventEmitter and update themselves. ๐Ÿ’ช

This pub/sub model eliminated some redundant code and makes debugging easier. When I update a value in the debug console, the game picks up the change and immediately reacts.

What's Next?

Following the 80/20 rule I think I'll have to spend the remainder 80% of my time to complete that last 20% ๐Ÿ˜‚

The minesweeper rules are in place and working pretty well but the game is still missing potions, treasure chests, and boss fights.

I have a broad idea on how those RPG mechanics will work. My plan is to put some mechanics into the game and see how they feel. Get some feedback, adjust, repeat.

But I might work on some boring stuff like the main screen, settings, easy, normal, hard mode. Make things easier on myself and the beta testers.

Hit me up and throw your email in the box below to keep updated on the progress and when be notified when a demo arrives ๐Ÿ”ฅ