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  • Unobtrusive Data-Binding for Knockout.js

    Tags: knockout.js, data-binding, javascript

    If you're a web developer who has yet to see Knockout, go take a look. I'll wait... Knockout is an incredible library, I just love it. Though I prefer to keep my presentation layer clean and now it's sprinkled with little bits of code for the data-binding. And that is how this Plugin came to be. It solves that problem with an easy way to Unobtrusively Data-Bind your presentation layer.


  • MiniLinq for Script#

    Tags: script#, c#, javascript, linq

    Script# is my new favorite piece of technology. Write JavaScript with C#? Yes please! But since it's (currently) limited to ISO-2 C#, it can feel like you're stuck back in 2004. Using C# 2 means you're missing a lot of things you use daily... like LINQ. I do miss LINQ. So I read about Script# adding a few LINQ like extensions to the array class and decided to work them together into this MiniLinq class, which I am now sharing with you.


  • Logging Errors with ELMAH in ASP.NET MVC 3 – Part 5 – (JavaScript)

    Tags: ASP.NET, MVC, Logging, Error Handler, Elmah, javascript

    Now we need a way to track those pesky client side error messages. Tracking the server side errors is the easy part, but what about those browser errors that go unnoticed and unfixed?

    First, create the Server Side Handler

    To handle and log JavaScript errors, we'll first need to setup some server side code. The client (browser) will pass these errors to the server, which will hand them off to ELMAH for tracking. So let's start by creating a new Exception type for our JavaScript exceptions. This will allow us to differentiate the server errors from the JavaScript errors more easily. It doesn't need much so this should be fine...